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Monday, October 4, 2010

Editing Audio!

So today I was learning how to mix different audio tracks and sound effects. It was a rainy day today! Since I love the rain so much I wanted to mix something that went along with the day's weather. So I took some audio found on my school's server, and edited it to go along with the footage. I found the footage on youtube at this link I hope you guys end up liking! It is super creepy :D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

End of Summer

So It has been a while that I have posted some of my work. So I thought I would update with a bunch of my work for you guys to check out. I have had some people ask for stuff, and I wanted to finally treat those people who have been so eager. So Here are some updates!

Here is a 2d project I storyboarded against an audio clip from Disney's Emperor's New Groove. The sound is totally theirs and I animated against it for educational purposes. The character design and the backgrounds are all my design. I had fun making this happen, and I totally have a much larger respect for those who have mastered the art of 2d animation. Here is my attempt!

Along with 2d animation, I have also done some 3D animation. I came up with the story concept, and it was one of the more morbid storylines within my classmates. This one is a little old, but I still love watching it. This is pretty rare for me to post, so I hope you all enjoy!

Here is a link of the video since it was too large to post here on blogspot, and unfortunately I can't compress it at home.In my advanced storyboard class (one of my favorite classes I might add) I was excited to get seriously boarding again. So I wrote and storyboarded this story about a Kung Fu master and ninja fell in love with a super cute and sultry girl cat. He tries all his might to impress her and to win her love! This is much more cute and lighthearted than what I am used to doing. It was certainly a refreshing change.

Another 3D animation I created where a man is minding his own business, and all of a sudden comes across a keg of beer! He looks to see if it belongs to anyone, and decides to take it for himself. I kind of want to continue to work on this one more, it still rough, but perhaps once I have a little more time.

Here is a compositing project where I made a girl appear from a cloud of smoke. This is where I realized that working in Shake was pretty darn fun. :D

Another compositing project that was a lot more complicated than the previous one. I feel that I needed another scene showing how the Soco clones grow to regular size, but because of time I wasn't able to do that. Either way, I liked how it still turned out, especially gaining experience using the green screen room.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My WIP Reel

This is my work in progress reel! Hope you enjoy, comments are welcome!!! :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Phantasmagorium

The Phantasmagorium, is my animated short that I have been working on for three quarters now. This has turned into such a wonderful experience for me. Not only being able to direct, but being able to manage and understand what it meant to be part of a production. I will be posting more art on my piece as it closes to its end of production. I am showcasing here some elements of the environment as well as this portrait of the villian, the notorious and foul Fantocinni.

Special thanks to my crew for helping me make this dream happen. :)