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Thursday, September 23, 2010

End of Summer

So It has been a while that I have posted some of my work. So I thought I would update with a bunch of my work for you guys to check out. I have had some people ask for stuff, and I wanted to finally treat those people who have been so eager. So Here are some updates!

Here is a 2d project I storyboarded against an audio clip from Disney's Emperor's New Groove. The sound is totally theirs and I animated against it for educational purposes. The character design and the backgrounds are all my design. I had fun making this happen, and I totally have a much larger respect for those who have mastered the art of 2d animation. Here is my attempt!

Along with 2d animation, I have also done some 3D animation. I came up with the story concept, and it was one of the more morbid storylines within my classmates. This one is a little old, but I still love watching it. This is pretty rare for me to post, so I hope you all enjoy!

Here is a link of the video since it was too large to post here on blogspot, and unfortunately I can't compress it at home.In my advanced storyboard class (one of my favorite classes I might add) I was excited to get seriously boarding again. So I wrote and storyboarded this story about a Kung Fu master and ninja fell in love with a super cute and sultry girl cat. He tries all his might to impress her and to win her love! This is much more cute and lighthearted than what I am used to doing. It was certainly a refreshing change.

Another 3D animation I created where a man is minding his own business, and all of a sudden comes across a keg of beer! He looks to see if it belongs to anyone, and decides to take it for himself. I kind of want to continue to work on this one more, it still rough, but perhaps once I have a little more time.

Here is a compositing project where I made a girl appear from a cloud of smoke. This is where I realized that working in Shake was pretty darn fun. :D

Another compositing project that was a lot more complicated than the previous one. I feel that I needed another scene showing how the Soco clones grow to regular size, but because of time I wasn't able to do that. Either way, I liked how it still turned out, especially gaining experience using the green screen room.