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Friday, August 9, 2013

No More Miss Nice Guy

With so many changes in my life, I can't help but reflect that within my art. Sometimes my lines can be soft and other times I just wanna get as chaotic. In my tumbles and turns, I know that I come around to find what is best for me. So I have a few pieces to share. Enjoy~!

My "gangster girl"
She was inspired from a song called "gangster love" below is a link to the song! 

This one has a bit more to it than it may appear. Its how I felt after I had gone through a painful transition with understanding what love really was. Note that her eyes and her mouth is sewn shut. Each eye represents something I learned along the way of heartbreak and understanding of change. Affectionately called my "Zombie Puppet Girl" by my peers, she represents a chapter of my life and the hard learned lessons.

Often transparency isn't just what we can create, but its something we can feel. This illustration is geared toward the transformation of what one was and what one can become. Sometimes the unknown can be beautiful as much as terrifying.

Created around July 4th, I felt patriotic and wanted to take a stab at making something involving our nation's birdie. So here we are folks, the proud bald eagle! 

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