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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Leo: A Work In Progress

Been so focused on making vector art lately that I have become rather rusty with my digital painting. After seeing so many up on my social media feeds I've been inspired to try my hand at them again. I wanted to post my progress with a concept I wanted to devote to my spirit animal! After much guided mediation, it came to my discovery that my spirit animal is a lion! Funny enough, I've had a lot of Leos in my life that have played a large role in who I am today. Whether they were the ones I went for advice, so someone I fell in love with, I can't help but see that I am protected by lions. I'm open for critiques and would love to grow in this skill.  I will post as I progress. 
 Rough sketch, laying out composition and key characters.

 Fleshing out foreground characters and adding in the leaves I wanted to flow in the wind

Establishing some lighting and textures in the foreground and lighting. Going to be stepping towards a stylized feel with the textures. and adjusted the girl's pose so I don't hide her hands. Though I still need to work on her lighting as well as the lion.

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